Practice Areas


For an architect, designer, contractor, or building owner, having comprehensive protection under U.S. law is critical to keeping your designs safe.

Clearance & Registration

Exploring the eligibility of your products and designs for intellectual property protection is an essential step to understanding your competitive advantage and rights.

Copyright & Trademark

Your Intellectual Property matters. By filing for copyright or trademark protection, you’re providing your business with an invaluable defense against unlawful infringement.


When your intellectual property is used without your consent, decisive legal action is a proper and effective course of action to serve justice and discourage other infringers. 

Product Design & Packaging

Your design, development and marketing teams go to great lengths to create customer and client-optimized products and packaging. Let us help you protect them.

Games and Gaming

We will help you protect your graphic user interfaces (GUIs), in-game environments and visuals, look-and-feel, playing pieces and boards, packaging, characters, and more.